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Sorbonne University


The Institut Jean Le Rond d’Alembert at Sorbonne Université (SOU) is a research laboratory traversing many fields of Mechanics. “∂ ‘Alembert: Science on a human scale” summarizes the scope, spanning biomechanics, acoustics, and renewable energies. The methods combine theory, modelling, numerical and experimental simulation in a triple approach engineering, physics and applied mathematics. SONICOM participation is with the “Lutheries – Acoustic – Music” (LAM) group, comprising researchers from engineering sciences, human sciences, and musical research. The “Sound Spaces” team leads the project, with a strong international reputation in room acoustics, archaeoacoustic virtual reconstructions, spatial hearing, and 3D binaural audio.


The SOU team will lead WP1, therefore coordinating the efforts of this collaborative work package among the different academic partners. Participation efforts focus on the development and evaluation of a Parametric Pinna Model, and the coordination of a parallel effort by OeAW on the same, though using a different meshing approach. SOU will also contribute to the HRTF simulations for the database matching lead by NKUA and the development an evaluation of AR blending of virtual sources into the natural room acoustic of the user in collaboration with Imperial College London.

Sorbonne Université will contribute significantly to WP4 through participation in the evaluation of user experiences. This includes work on the evaluation of the impact of AR blending and spatial rendering quality on the social interaction and cognitive immersion of users in collaborative VR/AR environments.

Team members

Brian F.G. Katz (PI) is the Research Director at Institut ∂’Alembert (Sorbonne Université, CNRS) where he leads the Son Spaces team, within the institute’s Lutheries – Acoustic – Music group. His work has focused on examining the technological and perceptual limits of realistic and credible acoustic simulations regarding spatial audio, principally binaural, and room acoustics.

David Poirier-Quinot (Post-doc)

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