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two people standing under HRTF frame

Tools and Resources

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Explore the variety of open access tools and resources for the auditory research community that SONICOM and its members have had a role in developing.

two people standing under HRTF frame


Created within SONICOM, this dataset includes different types of data measured from 200 subjects, including HRTFs, HpTFs, depth pictures and 3D models of subjects’ ears, heads and torsos.

Find out more and access the SONICOM HRTF Dataset

Auditory Modeling Toolbox

Supported by SONICOM, the Auditory Modeling Toolbox (AMT) is a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for the development and application of computational auditory models with a particular focus on binaural hearing.

Find out more and access the Auditory Modeling Toolbox

SOFA (Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics)

SOFA is a file format for storing spatially oriented acoustic data like head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) and binaural or spatial room impulse responses (BRIRs, SRIRs) that has been standardized by the Audio Engineering Society.

Find out more about SOFA

3D Tune-In Toolkit

The 3DTI Toolkit is a standard C++ library for audio spatialisation and simulation using headphones, which aims at using 3D sound and simulating hearing loss and hearing aids within virtual environments and games. The Toolkit allows the design and rendering of highly realistic and immersive 3D audio, and the simulation of virtual hearing aid devices and of different typologies of hearing loss.

Developed as part of a previous project involving several SONICOM partners, the Toolkit will soon be replaced by the Binaural Rendering Toolbox, which will be fully developed within SONICOM.

Find out more about the 3D Tune-In Toolkit