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SONICOM Vacancies

Join the SONICOM consortium.

Research Associate – 1 year contract

Salary: commensurate with experience and university pay scale

Deadline: March 2023

The Sound Spaces team, led by Brian FG Katz, of the LAM/d’Alembert Institute, Sorbonne University, Paris, France, is looking to hire a new research associate for 1 year, starting in (early) 2023, with possibility of renewal. The team is very active in the fields of spatial audio, virtual/augmented reality, room acoustics, and archaeoacoustics research. We are looking for motivated candidates with experience in at least some of these fields and an interest to cross into new directions/collaborations within the team.

Candidates with solid experience in journal publications are favoured. Some percentage of research time can also be attributed to new research topics proposed by the candidate, which should be laid out in the motivating letter. Experience with at least some of the following tools (or equivalence) should be made equally evident: MatLab, CATT-Acoustic, Unity, Blender, JUCE, C/C++, Reaper, and Oculus HMD. Experience in designing and carrying out subjective testing is also favoured, as well as acoustic measurements.

Interested candidates should send a CV, a detailed motivation letter, and 2 references that can be contacted by the evaluation committee.

Contact: brian.katz@sorbonne-universite.fr

Brian FG Katz : http://www.lam.jussieu.fr/Membres/Katz

Sound Spaces team : http://www.lam.jussieu.fr/index.php?page=Espacesonore

Institut d’Alembert : http://www.dalembert.upmc.fr/

Country: Paris, France
Partner: Sorbonne University
Contract: 1 year
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