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SONICOM in the news

Keep up to date with the latest project news, research and public outreach activities.


New SONICOM-sponsored book tackles 3D audio for virtual reality


The book brings together experts in spatial audio for virtual reality to tackle the design of 3D spatial interactions in an audio-centred and audio-first perspective.

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UK Hearing, Audiology & Sciences Meeting 2022


Members of the SONICOM team attended and presented at the UK Hearing, Audiology & Sciences Meeting 2022.

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SONICOM’s June Newsletter


Catchup on the latest news and updates from the SONICOM consortium in our June 2022 newsletter.

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The group bringing together scientists to understand human hearing


Learn about the Aural Assessment By means of Binaural Algorithms (AABBA) group.

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3D scanning my head to further virtual reality research


SONICOM's new Science Communication Officer, Harry Jenkins, recounts his experience having his head 3D scanned as part of the project.

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Ethics and artificial intelligence


SONICOM researchers dive-in to understand more about the values and safety of using AI in the project.

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Free binaural tools not just for the binaural researcher, for everyone


SONICOM'S coordinator Dr Lorenzo Picinali (Imperial College London) in collaboration with the University of Malaga have developed a set of binaural software tools. The fruit of their labour was the 3D Tune-In Toolkit, and they have made it freely available for all non-programmer binaural enthusiasts

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A special session at I3DA conference 2021


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SONICOM newsletter - first issue Wave

We’ve launched a newsletter!


Welcome to the first issue of the SONICOM newsletter, a biannual bulletin that will share updates from our project over the next 5 years.

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SONICOM officially kicks off with the inaugural annual meeting


With representatives from all partners present, the meeting provided a fruitful basis for discussions on delivering the project’s pioneering objectives over the next 5-years.

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A new immersive audio technology for virtual and augmented reality


The immersive audio technology is developed by SONICOM, a new EIC Pathfinder project, which will revolutionize the way we interact socially within AR/VR environments and applications.

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Personalised immersive audio could help virtual socialising feel more real


Imperial College London researchers have won a €5.7million EU Horizon 2020 grant to develop AI-informed immersive audio techniques.

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