SONICOM celebrates UK association to Horizon Europe

On December 13th, Imperial College brought together over 200 members of the European and global science communities to celebrate the UK’s association to Horizon Europe. SONICOM is one of the international research projects funded under the former Horizon2020 scheme that was showcased at the reception.  

The event was an opportunity for researchers, policymakers and partners and learn about some of the vital collaborations and science that EU programmes have supported at Imperial such as SONICOM. The project aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence to design a new generation of immersive audio technologies and techniques, specifically looking at personalisation and customisation of the audio rendering. SONICOM is led by Dr Lorenzo Picinali, Lead of the Audio Experience Design (AXP) research team with the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College.

Attendees taking their turn to experience binaurally spatialised audio throughout the evening

In attendance on the evening were guests including EU Commissioners, Westminster lobbyists, members of the Biochemical Society and Ambassadors from several European countries. The attendees had the opportunity to speak with researchers about their work and experience binaurally spatialised audio for themselves.

The evening was filled with excitement and optimism for a bright future ahead with Horizon Europe. Make sure to follow SONICOM on X to keep up with the latest updates on the project. 

UK Ambassador to the EU, His Excellency Mr Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby