SONICOM Year in Review 2023

2023 has been the busiest and most exciting year so far for SONICOM!

In just three years, SONICOM has already substantially contributed to the design and evaluation of novel immersive audio technologies and techniques, as well as to the overall advancement of knowledge and understanding in the spatial acoustics and immersive audio research domains.

This year has seen the release of the SONICOM HRTF dataset, a variety of updated tools and resources for the acoustic research community, and a host of new research on topics ranging from parametric pinna models to the impact of HRTFs on speech intelligibility.

As well as this, we had some fantastic discussions at our mid-project Research Sandpit, exhibited as part of the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition, and hosted a workshop for early career researchers with our sister projects funded under the “Artificial Intelligence for Extended Social Interaction” subtopic.

You can find out more about all of this and more within our 2023 Year in Review, linked below – take a look to get a full insight into the progress the project has made this year.

Here’s to more exciting work in 2024!