SONICOM at Imperial Lates: AI

On March 14th, SONICOM exhibited at the Imperial AI Lates. The Lates are an opportunity for the public to interact with the latest scientific developments at Imperial College London, with the theme of this Late focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Across the three-hour evening, over 1000 attendees came through to check out the several exhibits and workshops on display, with 93% describing the night as a fun way to spend an evening.

SONICOM PI Dr Lorenzo Picinali was working the stall, explaining to interested members of the public alongside members of his Audio Experience Design team at Imperial College London, about research projects SONICOM and the NIHR-funded BEARS project.

The SONICOM team ran several activities with visitors to the stall which gave them a taste of what the projects are all about. One of these activities required a person to listen to four excerpts, and rate each of them on two traits; Extraversion and Agreeableness, on a scale from 0 (not agreeable/extrovert) to 10 (very agreeable/extrovert).

The purpose of this was to demonstrate how when it comes to personality traits, if you’re someone that has scored high in agreeableness, you’re likely popular and tend to make friends easily. If you score high in extroversion, this can correlate to how outgoing and warm you are perceived.

Check out how people voted below! Each colour dot (brow, white, gold and purple) correlates to each of the excerpts:

 The evening was a great success and allowed for many positive and insightful conversations to take place. Make sure to follow SONICOM on X to keep up to date with the project.