Launch of SONICOM’s Listener Acoustic Personalisation Challenge

SONICOM has officially launched its Listener Acoustic Personalisation (LAP) Challenge, inviting all in the auditory research community to tackle key challenges facing immersive audio technology.

Personalized Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) have shown promise in enhancing auditory localization and immersion in mixed realities. However, relevant issues such as the accurate acquisition of user-specific anatomical data, efficient simulation algorithms, and effective user validation do not converge into a common and internationally recognized benchmark for evaluating HRTFs.

Sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the LAP Challenge endeavours to provide a platform where researchers can explore these challenges, advance the state of the art, and contribute to the development of standardized metrics for personalised spatial audio.

The inaugural edition of the challenge will concentrate on two fundamental aspects of HRTFs: spatial sampling and interpolation. Teams are challenged to submit their solutions that address one of two tasks:

  • Task 1: HRTF normalisation for merging different HRTF datasets
  • Task 2: spatial upsampling for obtaining a high-spatial-resolution HRTF from a very low number of directions

Top-ranked solutions will be invited to submit a paper describing their method and result to be published in the IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing (OJ-SP).

The challenge will have an award ceremony hosted at the 32nd European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2024, to be held in Lyon, France, on 29th August 2024.

Find out more information about the Challenge and full details about each task on our LAP Challenge webpage.

The Listener Acoustic Personalisation Challenge is sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society.