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Principal Investigators (PIs)

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Yuli Levtov

Reactify Music LLP (UK)


Yuli Levtov is a Reactive Music Producer, Co-Founder and Director of Reactify. He is a music programmer specializing in next-generation formats of music, such as interactive, reactive and generative music, also known as ‘dynamic’ music. Originally from a traditional production and performance background, Yuli arrived at music programming via the innovative audio App company, RjDj, where he worked on ground-breaking concepts of real-time audio manipulation on iPhones. Since that time, Yuli has become a thought leader in the world of dynamic music, regularly giving talks and lectures on the topic, as well as consulting on digital strategy at Metropolis Studios in London and the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, UK.

Yuli will focus on the creation of innovative uses of the core technologies developed throughout the SONICOM projects, with an emphasis on both current and emerging implementations in research and commercial spheres.


  • Picinali, L., Wallin, A., Levtov, Y. and Poirier-Quinot, D. (2017). Comparative perceptual evaluation between different methods for implementing reverberation in a binaural
  • Levtov, Y., Picinali, L., D’Cruz, M. and Simeone, L. (2016). 3D Tune-In: The Use of 3D Sound and Gamification to Aid Better Adoption of Hearing Aid Technologies.
  • Levtov, Y. (2018) The Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music, Oxford University Press