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Cross-Projects Collaboration

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The Internet connects individuals to the world and to other people by means of virtual social networks.

However, the online experience is mostly passive, disconnected and disembodied. Internet users are patently part of the digital world, but often isolated from real-world sensations and feelings such as the presence of others, their touch, or their movement. We find ourselves isolated, instead of brought together, by the very technologies that are designed to connect us. CAROUSEL has the vision that, with the support of novel, original and imaginative combinations of Artificial Intelligence and immersive interaction technologies, people will be able to feel each other’s presence, touch, and movement, even if they are physically disconnected. These new developments will help overcome isolation and loneliness and bring improvements to our health, work, and wellbeing. Moreover, they will also generate the foundations for an ecosystem of original, as yet unimagined forms of communication and expression. CAROUSEL have chosen dance as vehicle to implement their vision.

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