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SONICOM Partners

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Dreamwaves are an early-stage start-up company and have developed an intuitive audio navigation application to guide the users in the most natural and easy way – without even thinking. They use augmented reality to place virtual waypoints embedded in the world and spatial audio to hear the location of the waypoints in an intuitive way. By following the sound, the users are guided through the waypoints until the destination; hands-free and without the need to look at a map. They have worked extensively with blind and visually impaired individuals as this user group can greatly benefit from our app.


In SONICOM, they will be responsible for analysing audio only scenarios with special focus on blind and visually impaired individuals and for implementing prototypes to demonstrate the benefits of the research results obtained in other work packages. Because of their experience and good connection with this user group, they will also be responsible for liaising and coordinating usability testing for user experience evaluation.

Team Members

Hugo Furtado holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in the field of Augmented Reality for minimally invasive surgery in the EU-FP6 project ARIS*ER. His early research work at CERN (Switzerland) focused on design and testing of radiation tolerant ASICs. In the course of his PhD, he developed a prototype for visualization of catheters inside the human body during minimally invasive cardiac surgery, using augmented reality.

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