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Principal Investigators (PIs)

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Areti Andreopoulou

Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT), Department of Music Studies, Laboratory of Music, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)


Areti Andreopoulou is an Assistant Professor in Music Technology at the Department of Music Studies, NKUA and a leading researcher at the Laboratory of Music Acoustic and Technology (LabMAT). She holds a bachelor’s degree in musicology from the University of Athens and Master’s and PhD degrees in Music Technology from NYU.  In the past, she has worked in France at LIMSI-CNRS conducting research on 3D audio and binaural rendering. Areti Andreopoulou’s research evolves around audio signal processing, virtual and augmented reality auditory perception, acoustics and psychoacoustics. Currently, she is conducting research as part of the Greek national funded project ASMA (Assistance for Singing and Music Aesthetics), which focuses on the development of educational tools complementing vocal pedagogy in elementary school education, and of the Greek national funded project TRACCE (TRavelogue with Augmented Cultural & Contemporary Experience), focusing on the design of historically informed immersive soundscapes and their evaluation.

Within SONICOM, she is the coordinator of WP4 (Evaluation). In addition to that, she is involved in research conducted in WP1, WP2 and WP4, looking at the development and evaluation of a perceptually informed HRTF database matching system and on the design and evaluation of the Audio-first remote social interaction scenario focusing on remote music education.


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  • Andreopoulou, A., and Katz, B.F.G. (2016). Subjective HRTF evaluations for obtaining global similarity metrics of assessors and assessees. Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces, Special Issue on Auditory Displays, pp. 1-13, doi: 10.1007/s12193-016-0214-y